Italian Extravaganza (VEN- ROM) or (ROM-VEN)


Iconic, Historic, Delicious: Italy

Rome - Florence - Cinque Terre - Pisa - Venice

Venice- Pisa- Cinque Terre- Florence- Rome

  • 10 DAYS covering 5 destinations
  • EXPLORE all the Italian icons: The Vatican, Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, the Pantheon, Ancient Roman Forum, Piazzale Michaelangelo, St. Mark's Cathedral, Michelangelo's David
  • SKIP-THE-LINE Save hours and zip into the Colosseum, Ancient Forum, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Cathedral 
  • TASTE Tuscan wine in Florence at sunset
  • SAVOR authentic pasta, pizza, gelato, salads, pesto, espresso, focaccia- it doesn't get better than this
  • REAL LOCALS led by top-rated WSA locals with insider tips for the best possible experience
  • GELATO 101 Insider scoop (with samples) on seeking out the most delicious Italian treat and flavors
  • SAVE $$$ All transportation between (via private charter or train) and within cities included
  • SLEEP LIKE ROYALTY 8 nights accommodation in Italy's best hostels


"This was the highlight of my experience abroad. It was like traveling with close friends, and one of them just happened to know all the best parts of Italy." - Natalie C., Northern Arizona U, Spring '16

Experience the best Italy has to offer on a 10-day whirlwind adventure through world-famous beautiful cities. Get lost in the canals of Venice, hike the trails of the Cinque Terre, snap selfies at Pisa’s Leaning Tower and take in world-famous sights and tastes (pizza, pasta and gelato galore) in Florence & Rome. Pick your week and start living le dolce vita!

Itinerary runs from Venice to Rome and Rome to Venice- please double check the details so you arrive and depart from the correct cities.  Trips running from Rome-Venice start on day 1 at 10am.  If you arrive late you may miss out on some of the activities (Vatican or Colosseum) which you will have to make up during free time on Sunday.

Dates subject to max. capacity. Booking deadline 3 weeks before start date.
Additional dates & group discounts may be available upon request: Contact

Pantheon - Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Roma, Italy

Ready for an  your week break in Italy? Explore unforgettable cities in Italy and get the full experience in 10 amazing days.

For tours that start in Venice you can arrive anytime on Day 1.  For tours that start in Rome we highly recommend a Thursday night stay or early Friday morning arrival so you can start the tour with the group at 10am.  If you arrive late you may miss the group tour of the Vatican or the Colosseum which you will have the chance to make up on your own on Sunday.

You can depart any time on day 10 and even consider flying out Monday or from a nearby airport (Milan & Verona are both relatively near Venice).


Show up in Venice on Thursday for an optional early arrival. Our hostel is located just opposite San Marco Square, the Generator Hostel.  The Rome-Venice itinerary will run in reverse- please double check which city your trips starts in and departs from.

Day 0 - Optional Early Arrival

Opt into an extra day and evening in the Serene City. You'll have the day to yourself to explore and get acquainted. 

Day 1 - Welcome to Venice
Friday sees us checking into the hostel and meeting up in the afternoon for orientational walking tours through the tight alleyways and canals of Venice. Look forward to glassblowing demonstrations, delicious food and entry into the San Marco Cathedral, one of the richest churches of its time.

We'll meet up that evening for a welcome drink and a delicious dinner. Gondola ride anyone? Enjoy being serenaded by your gondolier as he navigates through the canals (1.5hrs).

Day 2 - Exploring the Lagoon
Today we'll strike out to Murano and Burano- the quieter islands across the Lagoon, famous for lacemaking and glassblowing (4.5hrs). Free afternoon and evening to explore.

Day 3 - Onto the Cinque Terre
This morning we'll catch a train West over to the beautiful Cinque Terre and check into our hostel later that afternoon (7 hrs). Take your time to freshen up, then we'll go into town for a delicious dinner of dish and pasta made from local produce. Don't forget to try the wine either (1.5 hrs)!


Day 4 - Free Day for Hiking!
The day is your to explore the Cinque Terre as you like: there are extensive hiking trails offering everything from casual strolls to intense, strenuous climbs. Hike or take the train from town to town to explore hidden beaches and dive into swimming coves. The group will meet up for an optional picnic dinner this evening (1.5 hrs).

Day 5 - Onto Pisa and Florence!
Morning departure on the train for Florence, with a pit stop for a photo op in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (1 hr). After we snap our selfies, we'll continue onto Florence to check into the hostel and dive into Italy's rich Tuscany region: home to some amazing olive oil, wine, breads, foccaccias, gelato and more. This evening, we'll have a wine tasting at sunset while overlooking the city, and enjoy a typical dinner at a family-run operation restaurants (2.5 hrs).

Day 6 - Exploring the Birthplace of the Renaissance
Today is our day to see Florence: Ogle at the architectural feat of the Duomo Cathedral, take in the beauty that is Michelangelo's David, check out Piazza della Signorina, see the Old Bridge, and climb up to Piazza Michelangelo to see a beautiful panorama over the city. The afternoon and evening are yours to explore, shop or climb the Duomo's dome.

Day 7 - Roma, Roma, Roma!
We'll have a late departure making our way over to Rome. Take the morning to do some solo exploring and hit up Florence's famous leather market, or visit more amazing Renaissance sights like the Uffizi. That afternoon, we'll catch the train and check into the hostel on arrival in Rome. This evening, we'll head into town for an evening stroll through one of our favorite neighborhoods in town. As always, an optional dinner will be arranged and you'll have a chance to sample some more amazing Roman cuisine (2 hrs).

Day 8 - Ancient Rome
This morning we'll meet up to head to the Colosseum and Roman Forum. This will be our day for Ancient Rome as we continue on for lunch and a free afternoon in the Pantheon neighborhood. That evening, we'll meet up at the Spanish steps for an evening walk across Rome to have a dinner party in the shadow of the Pantheon at one of our favorite places in town.

Day 9 - Papal Rome
Today we're headed over to St. Peter's and the Vatican Museums! Eat a big breakfast because these halls packed with the most priceless artwork in the world keeps you on your feet for hours (4hrs). We'll pit stop for pizza lunch of pizza by the slice and gelato. Take the afternoon the explore and wander back into the heart of Rome. This evening we'll meet and head into Trastevere for our farewell dinner in Rome's local hangouts.

Day 10 - Tearful Goodbyes
The tour ends after breakfast and students are welcome to depart at any time that suits them and their travel arrangements. Your WSA guide will make recommendations for those who have extra time in town. WSA recommends the Galleria Borghese for amazing Baroque art or the Porta Portese flea market.

Please Note: Some tours start in Venice and end in Rome while others begin in Rome and finish in Venice. Please refer to the details in your specific date to know which airports to fly into and out of. In the case of a Rome-Venice itinerary, the itinerary listed above is flipped and run in the reverse order.

EASTER ITALY: 10 Days, 9 Nights
Time your visit to Rome with the Easter celebrations with Papa Francesco. For seven years now, WSA has taken groups of students to Easter Mass with Pope Francis, and designed an itinerary that allows you to see all you possible can over these busy days in Italy. Every Easter package includes a ticket to Mass with Pope Francis on Easter morning! Two departures: March 23-April 1 (Ven-5t-Flo-Rome) and March 29-April 8 (Rome-Flor-5t-Venice- this trip has an extra Thursday night in Rome), both overlapping in Rome.  Additional inclusions are Easter Mass at the Vatican on Sunday, and 2 extra group lunches.  


For tours that start in Venice you can arrive anytime on Day 1.  For tours that start in Rome we highly recommend a Thursday night stay or early Friday morning arrival so you can start the tour with the group at 10am.  If you arrive late you may miss the group tour of the Vatican or the Colosseum which you will have the chance to make up on your own on Sunday.

You can depart any time on Day 10 and even consider flying out Monday or from a nearby airport (Milan & Verona are both relatively near Venice).


- Comfortable walking/running shoes

- Comfortable running/hiking clothes (for Cinque Terre trails)

- Rain jacket & layers

- Don't pack too heavy as you will be carrying your bags to and from the trains to the hostels we stay in

- Student ID (if applicable)

- A positive attitude ready for adventures during the day and parties late at night


  • 5 of Italy's best destinations: Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Pisa, and Venice
  • Skip the line entry into the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Vatican, St. Peter's, Sistine Chapel
  • Glass blowing demonstration in Venice
  • 2 authentic Italian group dinners
  • Entrance to Accademia to see Michalengelo's David
  • Boat taxi and welcome drink in Venice
  • Hike along the trails of Cinque Terre
  • All train transportation between cities (Rome-Florence, Florence-Cinque Terre, Cinque Terre-Venice)
  • 9 nights full accomodation at our favorite top hostels across Italy
  • All group local transportation
  • A small, friendly group of 10-25 people
  • Full-time service and unsurpassed knowledge of our professi local WSA guide and experts who will bring the fascinating history, art and culture of Italy to life.
  • Easter Weekends only*: All inclusions of Easter Rome Celebration trip also included!
  • Inside scoop and discounts on best nightlife activities (it is Spring Break, after all)
  • Discounts on all future WSA trips
  • All tips for guides and hostel staff

Have questions about what's included? Get in touch with us at!

- To those of you who are thirsty, we're going to have a fun time but alcoholic drinks are on your own dime.
- WSA does not include transportation to and from your original city. This allows you to coordinate an awesome trip with your friends studying throughout Europe.
- Most meals are not included, but we'll still take you to the best local restaurants if you want to join us!

AND fine print: You are responsible for the cost of your food, drinks and free-time sightseeing. See our Tour Conditions Agreement for important details regarding everything listed above.

 Please Read our Tour FAQ below:

It's all been asked before - check out our answers below:

Q: When can I expect to get the all the prep info for the tour, such as directions to the hostel, itinerary outline, what to bring etc.?

A: We know your inboxes fill up so we don't like to send out prep emails too soon. You can expect an email on the Sunday before the tour starts at the latest. There is nothing you need to do besides show up at the hostel, so no worries, and enjoy the ride! 

Q: What hostel are we staying at and how do I get there?

A: We stay in great hostels from Dublin to Prague, and Rome to London. About 1 week before your tour start date, we'll send you all the prep info you need to know including weather, hostel name, directions to the hostel, and itinerary info.

Q: I couldn't find a flight that would get me into the hostel before 10am on Friday morning, but your website says the tour departs at 10am. Will this be a problem?

A: No worries! We know many of the budget flights get you in at awkward hours. Get in when you can, and our excellent hostel stafff will help you get caught up with the tour in a jiffy! 

Q: When should I book my flight out for Sunday because I don't want to miss any group activities?

A: Because we know many of the cheapest flights out are first thing on Sunday morning, we make sure to pack all our "meat" of the tour into Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Go for whatever flight is cheapest keeping in mind that many budget airline airports are FAR out from the city center and require extra time and money to get to. But not to worry as you will not be missing any crucial components to the tour.

Q: I forgot to click the 'Thursday night stay box'. Can I just show up at the hostel and crash in a bed unannounced?

A: No! We love to provide great service, but if you show up without booking the night and letting us know, our hands our tied. The hostels we work with release the extra beds to the public. Please let us know ahead of time as we need to expect the correct number of tour members for Thursday.

Q: Can I add the Thursday night stay after I book my WSA trip? What if the option to add this night isn’t visible online?

A: If you don’t see the option, we’ve probably removed it as all of our beds for Thursday night have been taken. If it’s still there, then shoot us an email saying what tour you are on (destination and weekend), and we'd be happy to add it for you if there is availability. If there aren’t beds left for Thursday night, we'll recommend other hostels that we like for you to check out.

Q: Can I arrive several days earlier or stay longer in the same hostel?

A: Definitely. We offer an additional Thursday night stay for a charge (25-30 Euros), but if you want to extend your stay longer on either end, we'll pass along the contact information for the hostel to you so you can make arrangements. Be sure to reference that you're with the WSA tour when you email the hostel so that you may not even have to switch rooms!

Q: I already have my accommodations, can I select 'a la carte' from the tour?

A: Our focus is on providing excellent service to our tour members, so we don't offer 'a la carte' tours. This means our paying customers can depend on an entire weekend planned and led by a guide who is there 100% for them and accessible at all hours of the day and night.

Q: Do you have to be from the US studying abroad to participate on these trips?

A: No, in fact the more international students, the better. It's a rich experience to visit another city in another culture, but to do so in a group of mixed backgrounds is even richer. In addition, you don't have to be studying either. The weekends are the best time to visit the biggest cities across Europe, and our service helps backpackers make the most of their time while also giving a welcome break from planning the logistics of your trip.

Q: Are there age restrictions?

A: You just have to be over 18. We welcome non-students, but these tours are marketed directly to the American student studying abroad in Europe. Of course, whoever wants to tag along is more than welcome!

Q: How active are WSA tours?

A: Our tours are VERY active. Before booking, please ask yourself if you can walk up to three miles at a time, ride a bike for two hours and carry your own bags regardless of how much sleep you got the night before. Seeing any city in Europe in just one weekend is ambitious, and our tour itineraries reflect this. We run all over the place, so you gotta keep up! You're responsible for your own health and actions throughout the entirety of the tour. Please see our Terms & Conditions for all the details and information you need to know.

Q: Do your tours include travel insurance?

A: No, they don't. We strongly recommend acquiring travel insurance for yourself and particular situation. We recommend this as we can't offer refunds for missed flights, sickness, changed exam dates, visiting parents or anything else.

Q: Studying abroad is really my first lesson in budgeting, and I've spent all my money. Can I cancel my trip and get a refund?

A: We'd love to help you on this--we really would--but we can't offer cancellations for any of our trips for any reason. We're happy to transfer a trip (please see conditions here), but because we're responsible to many students and have already paid for your hostel, restaurants and museums, we can't offer cancellations and refunds.

Q: It's Saturday, and I know the tour I signed up for started yesterday, but I got sick. Can I get a refund?

A: As with any other product or service you don't show up for (flights, concerts etc.), when you request a cancellation and refund after the service has started, you can't get this back. If you get sick or miss a trip, please note that this is a travel insurance issue, and we are a tour provider, not insurance company.

Q: Can I transfer my booking?

A: Yes, we're happy to transfer your booking to any other tour of equal or lesser value free of charge once. We can make transfers up to 25 days inclusive before the tour starts. After the first transfer, we charge 20eur per transfer per person. Please read our full Terms & Conditions for more details and information.

Q: Can I bring my dog? 

A: Nope, and no babies either (it has been asked before!).

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?

A: Yes, check it out here. If you've booked a tour with us, get to know your fellow members here by joining the event and posting on our wall.

We have to clearly state that there are NO REFUNDS. Select tours are sometimes transferrable but may be subject to additional fee. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions of Booking at for full details. Please contact with any further questions or concerns. Happy Travels!

Please note: this itinerary is an approximation of the tour. All aspects of the tour are subject to change in the event of sight closures, weather, custom group preferences, etc. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Rhianne Italy Guide

"Originally from England, I moved to Rome in 2011 because, well, it is the sexiest city in the world! With me you will have a very unique experience: Italy from a British perspective... and with a British accent! I have experienced these cities as a tourist and as a student, so I understand exactly how you feel, and I aim to make this the best trip ever and help you make the most out of every second!"


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Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Roma, Italy