Explore the real Eternal City

  • SKIP THE LINE straight into the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums with professional, licensed guides
  • GELATO 101 Learn all about this delicious treat, and sample the best flavors
  • FEAST on the world's most delicious cuisine at our Italian-style, multi-course dinner with wine (optional add on)
  • RELAX and sleep like royalty in Rome's most popular hostel
  • CONNECT with our amazing local guide who brings this city to life in front of your eyes
  • PARTY at the trendiest bars and popular student spots with exclusive inside deals
  • SAVE $$ All local group transportation for metro and buses included

WSA Rome: 3 Days, 2 Nights ONLY €219

"I thought the planned itinerary was really well thought out and we were able to conver a lot of Rome in such a short time. I loved every second of the trip and there was a good amount of structure while also letting us wander." - Erin L, University of South Carolina, Spring '17


On WSA's unforgettable experience in Rome, we retrace the footsteps of the gladiators at the Colosseum and imagine the prosperity of Rome in its heyday over 2,000 years ago. Our local guide will lead you on a walking tour to the Spanish Steps, toss a coin into iconic Trevi fountain, stop by the panthenon and you'll be able to take in all that the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Cathedral have to offer.... and that's just the first day! On day 2, we skip the line into the Colosseum, climb up to Rome's best viewpoint, get insider access to top nightlife and more.

Our no hostel option means you get to book your own accomodation and join in on all of our epic activities for the weekend with the rest of the group!  Its the perfect option for people who have already booked accomodation in a city or a group of friends who might want to share an airbnb or a hotel room.  

All trips limited to availability and group capacity.
Additional dates & group discounts may be available on request:

Pantheon - Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Roma, Italy


Day 0 - Thursday (optional early arrival highly recomended)

With such a big, incredible city, we highlyrecommend arriving on Thursday for more time to explore. Our guide can meet you at the hostel and help you arrange for dinner or nightlife

Day 1 - Friday: Papal Rome

We'll meet up at the hostel promptly at 10 AM to go over the plan for the weekend.  Toss back a double espresso because we're headed out for a walking tour of the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Piazza Navona.  Next its on to St. Peter's and the Vatican Museums! These halls are packed with the most priceless artwork in the world which will keep you on your feet for hours.  We'll head back to the hostel for a quick break and then we'll meet up for the optional dinner with wine.  Unfortunately if you arrive later on Friday and miss the vatican you may not have the chance to make this up since it is closed on Sunday.

Day 2 - Saturday: Ancient Rome

We'll head to the Colosseum, then visit the ancient forum and you'll have the oppportunity to grab lunch near the city center.  Next we're off to Campo de'Fiori market for handmade Italian goods.  You'll have some free time in the afternoon and we'll meet up for a group dinner and your guide will show you Rome's top hot spots with WSA exclusive discounts.

Day 3 - Sunday: Tearful Goodbyes

The tour ends after breakfast and students are welcome to depart at any time that suits them and their travel arrangements. Your WSA guide will make recommendations for those who have extra time in town. We recommend the Galleria Borghese for amazing Baroque art or the Porta Portese flea market for some incredible antique discoveries. 


* Please note: this itinerary is an approximation of the tour. All aspects of the tour are subject to change in the event of sight closures and strikes. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions at all! :)  



4 days, 3 nights - Only €389

Day 1 - Thursday: Welcome to Roma!

Check-in anytime in the hostel and then we will meet up with the guide at 7pm. We'll take and envening stroll through Rome and you'll get to see some beautiful neighborhood churches, beautifully done up for Holy Thursday. Along the way we may stop for some pizza by the slice or grab your first taste of Italian gelato.

Day 2 - Friday: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter's

Grab your free breakfast at the hostel because we'll be jumping right into the thick of it, we'll zip across town to skip the line into the gargantuan Vatican museums. We'll ogle the Sistine Chapel and go inside St. Petere's Basilica. In the afternoon, we'll climb the hill behind the Vatican to get beautiful sunset views over the city. This evening, we'll head to the old town of Rome, Trastevere, for a fun dinner followed by nightlife nearby. 

Day 3, Saturday: Caesar Shuffle & Ancient Rome

Fuel up with a free breakfast at the hostel because today, we'll explore ancient Rome with a tour of the Colosseum and Ancient Forum. We'll have lunch near the Pantheon, and enjoy free time for gelato, shopping and more in the afternoon. That evening, we'll take a passegiata through Rome's most famous piazzas, capped with a dinner party at our favorite student restaurant in the shadow of the Pantheon. Party late, or head in to rest up for an early morning.

Day 4 - Sunday: Easter with Pope Francis & Tearful Goodbyes

Leave the hostel at 5:30am to snag front row seats at Easter Mass. The gates open at 9:00am and Mass starts at 10:15am. Mass will last until just before noon, and you'll be free for the afternoon to explore Rome or make your connections out of town. Do your best to get flights out after 4pm.

Opt in to stay an extra night and depart on Easter Monday if you prefer.

All in all, it'll be a weekend you won't forget!


Want to see more of Italy? Be sure to check out our weeklong Italian Extravaganza package! 

REGULAR WSA ROME WEEKENDS: Be ready to go at the hostel Friday morning, or opt in for an early arrival on Thursday evening (highly recommended). This will help maximize your time in Rome and prevent you from missing out! (NOTE: Please allow up to 2 hours to arrive at your hostel from the airport.)  If you arrive later on Friday you may not be able to make up the Vatican tour since it is closed on Sundays

EASTER ROME WEEKEND: Arrive Thursday and depart late on Sunday to allow time for Easter Mass.

For the cheapest flights, check out,, and Google Flights.

You will receive an e-mail with directions on how to reach our group hostel. This e-mail will have all the necessary prep info you'll need ahead of time to have an incredible weekend with us!

- Rain gear: it can get wet and chilly depending on the time of year!

- Ear plugs for hostel dorm rooms

- Comfortable walking shoes

- Student ID card

- A positive attitude ready for adventures during the day and parties at night!

Every WSA Rome Weekend Includes:
- Full-time services of your private, professional, local WSA guide
- All tours and admissions, covering at least 15 sightseeing events: Ancient Rome walking tour, The Forum, Colosseum and Pantheon entrances, Trastevere walking tour, Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel entrance and tour, St. Peter's Basilica entry, walk through Rome (Piazza Navona, Campo de' Fiori, and Trevi Fountain)
- All group transportation, including metro and city bus
- Gelato 101 lesson with tasting
- Accommodations in a top-rated, centrally-located hostel
- A mid sized (30 max), fun group of fellow students and backpackers
- Tour starts Friday, but we recommend that you arrive Thursday night!
- AND fine print: You are responsible for the cost of your food, drinks and free-time sightseeing. See our Tour Conditions Agreement for important details regarding everything listed above.

Easter Rome (Spring only)

- All of the above, AND
- EASTER ROME trips booked after March 14 2018 will not include Colosseum or Vatican tickets
- a group of 50 fellow travelers
- 3 nights hostel accommodation
- 3 breakfasts
- 2 Italian style lunches
- 1 dinner
- Good Friday service at the Colosseum 
- Vatican City Easter Ceremony with the Pope!

- To those of you who are thirsty, we're going to have a great time, but alcoholic drinks are on you.
- WSA does not include transportation from and back to your origin city. This allows you to coordinate an awesome weekend adventure with your friends studying throughout Europe!
- Some meals are not included, but we'll still take you to the best local restaurants if you wish to join us!
- WSA trips do not include travel insurance for you. We recommend purchasing your own travel insurance.

Please Read our Tour FAQ below:

It's all been asked before - check out our answers below:

Q: When can I expect to get the all the prep info for the tour, such as directions to the hostel, itinerary outline, what to bring etc.?

A: We know your inboxes fill up so we don't like to send out prep emails too soon. You can expect an email on the Sunday before the tour starts at the latest. There is nothing you need to do besides show up at the hostel, so no worries, and enjoy the ride! 

Q: What hostel are we staying at and how do I get there?

A: We stay in great hostels from Dublin to Prague, and Rome to London. About 1 week before your tour start date, we'll send you all the prep info you need to know including weather, hostel name, directions to the hostel, and itinerary info.

Q: I couldn't find a flight that would get me into the hostel before 10am on Friday morning, but your website says the tour departs at 10am. Will this be a problem?

A: No worries! Technically the tour starts Friday, but we recommend that you arrive Thursday night to make the most of your time! We know many of the budget flights get you in at awkward hours. Get in when you can, and our excellent hostel staff will help you get caught up with the tour in a jiffy! 

Q: When should I book my flight out for Sunday because I don't want to miss any group activities?

A: Because we know many of the cheapest flights out are first thing on Sunday morning, we make sure to pack all our "meat" of the tour into Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Go for whatever flight is cheapest keeping in mind that many budget airline airports are FAR out from the city center and require extra time and money to get to. But not to worry as you will not be missing any crucial components to the tour.

Q: I forgot to click the 'Thursday night stay box'. Can I just show up at the hostel and crash in a bed unannounced?

A: No! We love to provide great service, but if you show up without booking the night and letting us know, our hands our tied. The hostels we work with release the extra beds to the public. Please let us know ahead of time as we need to expect the correct number of tour members for Thursday.

Q: Can I add the Thursday night stay after I book my WSA trip? What if the option to add this night isn’t visible online?

A: If you don’t see the option, we’ve probably removed it as all of our beds for Thursday night have been taken. If it’s still there, then shoot us an email saying what tour you are on (destination and weekend), and we'd be happy to add it for you if there is availability. If there aren’t beds left for Thursday night, we'll recommend other hostels that we like for you to check out.

Q: Can I arrive several days earlier or stay longer in the same hostel?

A: Definitely. We offer an additional Thursday night stay for a charge (25-30 Euros), but if you want to extend your stay longer on either end, we'll pass along the contact information for the hostel to you so you can make arrangements. Be sure to reference that you're with the WSA tour when you email the hostel so that you may not even have to switch rooms!

Q: I already have my accommodations, can I select 'a la carte' from the tour?

A: Our focus is on providing excellent service to our tour members, so we don't offer 'a la carte' tours. This means our paying customers can depend on an entire weekend planned and led by a guide who is there 100% for them and accessible at all hours of the day and night.

Q: Do you have to be from the US studying abroad to participate on these trips?

A: No, in fact the more international students, the better. It's a rich experience to visit another city in another culture, but to do so in a group of mixed backgrounds is even richer. In addition, you don't have to be studying either. The weekends are the best time to visit the biggest cities across Europe, and our service helps backpackers make the most of their time while also giving a welcome break from planning the logistics of your trip.

Q: Are there age restrictions?

A: You just have to be over 18. We welcome non-students, but these tours are marketed directly to the American student studying abroad in Europe. Of course, whoever wants to tag along is more than welcome!

Q: How active are WSA tours?

A: Our tours are VERY active. Before booking, please ask yourself if you can walk up to three miles at a time, ride a bike for two hours and carry your own bags regardless of how much sleep you got the night before. Seeing any city in Europe in just one weekend is ambitious, and our tour itineraries reflect this. We run all over the place, so you gotta keep up! You're responsible for your own health and actions throughout the entirety of the tour. Please see our Terms & Conditions for all the details and information you need to know.

Q: Do your tours include travel insurance?

A: No, they don't. We strongly recommend acquiring travel insurance for yourself and particular situation. We recommend this as we can't offer refunds for missed flights, sickness, changed exam dates, visiting parents or anything else.

Q: Studying abroad is really my first lesson in budgeting, and I've spent all my money. Can I cancel my trip and get a refund?

A: We'd love to help you on this--we really would--but we can't offer cancellations for any of our trips for any reason. We're happy to transfer a trip (please see conditions here), but because we're responsible to many students and have already paid for your hostel, restaurants and museums, we can't offer cancellations and refunds.

Q: It's Saturday, and I know the tour I signed up for started yesterday, but I got sick. Can I get a refund?

A: As with any other product or service you don't show up for (flights, concerts etc.), when you request a cancellation and refund after the service has started, you can't get this back. If you get sick or miss a trip, please note that this is a travel insurance issue, and we are a tour provider, not insurance company.

Q: Can I transfer my booking?

A: Yes, we're happy to transfer your booking to any other tour of equal or lesser value free of charge once. We can make transfers up to 25 days inclusive before the tour starts. After the first transfer, we charge 20eur per transfer per person. Please read our full Terms & Conditions for more details and information.

Q: Can I bring my dog? 

A: Nope, and no babies either (it has been asked before!).

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?

A: Yes, check it out here. If you've booked a tour with us, get to know your fellow members here by joining the event and posting on our wall.

We have to clearly state that there are NO REFUNDS. Tours are transferrable at a 1:1 price ratio up until 3 weeks before the trip. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions of Booking at for all details. Please contact with any further questions or concerns. Happy travels!


"Originally from England, I moved to Rome in 2011 because, well, it is the sexiest city in the world! With me you will have a very unique experience: Italy from a British perspective... and with a British accent! I have experienced these cities as a tourist and as a student, so I understand exactly how you feel, and I aim to make this the best trip ever and help you make the most out of every second!"

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